Really proud to have helped bring this digital version of the old school classic boardgame to life. Out now on steam.

Man O' War: Corsair released

It's been a long road from early access to this release, and there's still more coming for this game. Great to look back on how much we've added since that first version hit Steam and GOG.

Man O' War: Corsair Announced

I've been working with Evil Twin Artworks on another game - Man O' War: Corsair based on the Games Workshop boardgame Man O' War. Here's our teaser trailer:

Victory at Sea

Setting sail today (sorry) - full Steam ahead (sorry, again...) I've been working on this one with Evil Twin Artworks for the past year and a bit. Victory at Sea, based on the table-top wargame by Mongoose Publishing, is a naval real time strategy game set during World War II.

You start as a destroyer Captain in the open world Pacific, Mediterranean or Atlantic campaigns and can sail around choosing where and when to fight, building up your fleet, gaining ranks in the field and capturing enemy ports to help win the war.

There's also a historical battle mode where you can re-play some of the important historical naval battles of the period and a custom skirmish mode where you can have a quick random battle, or choose the size and composition of the fleets to answer any pressing "what if?" scenarios (like "What if the Yamato had actually got into a proper fight?").

Victory at sea is available from Steam now.


Plague Inc. Evolved

Plague Inc. Evolved World Screen

Plague Inc. Evolved is now available on Early Access. I've been helping Ndemic Creations and Auroch Digital remake the spectacular iOS hit for PC.

River Cottage

River Cottage Foraging Game


Over the last few months I've been lending a hand to iEvilGames with their River Cottage hidden object game for Channel4.

It's out today on the Apple, Google and Amazon stores.


Laurent and I went to PAX east in boston last month to show off McDROID

Standing at the booth for 9 hours a day for three days talking to people about the game was both exhausting and exhilirating. Time never went by so fast.

The B Team Podcast have put up an interview with Laurent where you can see the game playing in the background (on the huge TV on the stand, unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to fit it into my carry on baggage or I'd be playing on that at home now ;))


So, I've been doing the programming for a game for Elefantopia called McDROID. Somewhat hard to pin down the genre, it's sort of 3rd person shooter meets farming sim meets resource management meets tower defence. Snappy marketing-friendly one-liner description TBC :)

We're currently trying to get greenlit on Steam, so if you like what you see here your vote would be appreciated: McDROID on Greenlight.