Victory at Sea

Setting sail today (sorry) - full Steam ahead (sorry, again...) I've been working on this one with Evil Twin Artworks for the past year and a bit. Victory at Sea, based on the table-top wargame by Mongoose Publishing, is a naval real time strategy game set during World War II.

You start as a destroyer Captain in the open world Pacific, Mediterranean or Atlantic campaigns and can sail around choosing where and when to fight, building up your fleet, gaining ranks in the field and capturing enemy ports to help win the war.

There's also a historical battle mode where you can re-play some of the important historical naval battles of the period and a custom skirmish mode where you can have a quick random battle, or choose the size and composition of the fleets to answer any pressing "what if?" scenarios (like "What if the Yamato had actually got into a proper fight?").

Victory at sea is available from Steam now.