game jam

Last Saturday was the first ever Game Hack UK a 24 hour game jam held in a gigantic television studio at Pinewood studios (where they make those little Bond films among other things) organised by TIGA and Blue Via and sponsored by many folks who you can see lovely logos and such of on the link.

Golden Cone

This weekend past I took part in one day of the "Everybody Draw Game Jam" - an event in London hosted by Ricky Haggett of Honeyslug.

This month's TIGSource competition is "A game by its cover" - find a fake game box art and write a game for it (which puts poor Stomp! on hold for a bit, sorry giant-stomping fans)

I found this and decided to make a platformer where you play music by landing on the platforms.

This weekend is Mini Ludum Dare number 19 - and I figured I'd give it a go: except for me a 48 hour code-fest weekend turns into a 4 hour code-fest evening and a couple of hours the next morning...

Still, thought I should try and code something anyway.