indie game

So, I've been doing the programming for a game for Elefantopia called McDROID. Somewhat hard to pin down the genre, it's sort of 3rd person shooter meets farming sim meets resource management meets tower defence. Snappy marketing-friendly one-liner description TBC :)

This month's TIGSource competition is "A game by its cover" - find a fake game box art and write a game for it (which puts poor Stomp! on hold for a bit, sorry giant-stomping fans)

I found this and decided to make a platformer where you play music by landing on the platforms.

This weekend is Mini Ludum Dare number 19 - and I figured I'd give it a go: except for me a 48 hour code-fest weekend turns into a 4 hour code-fest evening and a couple of hours the next morning...

Still, thought I should try and code something anyway.